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     You and your loved ones deserve healthy air.     
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     Visible mold growth, infested with vermin;     
     and excessive amount of dust, debris and particles.     
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Surprisingly Affordable Rates

Flat Rate & More!

We offer flat rate plus tax for duct cleaning. It includes unlimited vents and up to one (1) furnace. Send us a message to get a personalized quotation for your specific needs. We are certain you will be delighted with our pricing in our services.

Money Back Guarantee

Not Happy with the Service? No Worry!

We will provide you before and after photos. If you feel that it is not clean, we will clean it again until you are satisfied. If you are not happy with the service that we have provided you, we will be more than happy to give your hard-earned money back!

We Treat Your Home As Ours

Respect & Care

Our specialists are fully trained professionals and well-educated with providing the best customer experience ever. Your family and your personal things including your system units will be treated with utmost respect and care just like we respect our own.

You Deserve Only The Best

Top Quality Service

When you choose Canada’s Best Duct, you will not only get the cleaning service but with high standard quality of service. Our specialists are fully trained professionals and well-educated individuals to provide only the best customer experience ever.

Well Trained Professional Specialists

Excellent Staffs

You will never get wrong with a company who puts their customer first by providing training to its staffs to deliver excellent customer experience. Our staffs are professional individuals and are well-trained within their own fields of support.

Customer Centered Company

We Value Your Opinion

Our company focuses on providing the best experience to our customer including after service support. Tell us what you think with the service we have provided you and we will make sure to find resolution for you to meet or even exceed your expectation.

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