Did you know that indoor air is two to five times more polluted and harmful than outdoor air? As if that weren’t awful enough, according to NASA research, most people spend 90 percent to 95 percent of their time indoors.

If you’re not sure how awful things are, consider what occurs when we spend too much time in a stuffy environment: Our bodies respond by generating stress hormones, which can make us feel stiff and nervous. Because our immune system reacts negatively to these irritants, we may also have sore throats, dry eyes, and allergies.

Indoor air pollution is a possible concern to the health of pets and children, in addition to humans. Airborne bacteria and mold are extremely dangerous to pets, as they can make them sick or even kill them. Children are also at risk of being exposed to harmful substances, which can have major consequences for their nervous systems.

Because we spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s critical that we safeguard ourselves from the negative consequences of poor indoor air quality.

The Solution

The good news is that breaking a window or two may be all it takes to solve these issues. Continue reading to learn how to naturally filter your home’s air and create a healthier atmosphere for yourself.

  1. Location, Location, Location: The location of where you reside has the greatest impact on the quality of air you breathe indoors. What is your proximity to busy streets? Do you live near a vehicle that emits fumes? Is there enough ventilation in your room? The air inside your house will be more contaminated the closer and more common these are near your home. Consider some of these options if it’s too late to move (or if moving isn’t an option).
  2. Canada's Best Duct - 7 Natural Ways to Purify Your Home's Air - Plants

    Indoor Plants

    Plants: Plants remove harmful particles from the air in the same way as a vacuum cleaner does. Aloe, spider plants, and peace lily plants not only keep the air clean and fresh, but they also purify it by removing hazardous toxins.

  3. Purifiers of the Air: While these aren’t the most cost-effective alternative, they perform an excellent job of removing pollutants like dust, dander, mold spores, and pet hair from the air. Simply place them where you spend the majority of your time to benefit from a cleaner atmosphere.
  4. Canada's Best Duct - 7 Natural Ways to Purify Your Home's Air - Ground Coffee

    Ground Coffee

    Ground Coffee: This is something more you might not have considered. However, did you know that coffee grounds can aid in the purification of indoor air? Coffee grounds, as many people in the modern world are aware, are high in caffeine. Caffeine is also a natural insecticide and pesticide. Because it degrades quickly, it cannot be used as an organic pesticide. However, you may not be aware that the leftover coffee grinds can be used to filter the air in your home. They not only smell wonderful, but their chemical composition also aids in the reduction and elimination of odors in everything from dirty rugs to ancient kitchens! So go ahead and start composting your used coffee grounds by placing a tiny amount in your garden or yard plant, where they will work as a natural fertilizer.

  5. Baking Soda: Baking soda has many advantages. It can be used not only as a scouring agent, but it also neutralizes odors and cleans the air of smoke, cooking food, and other contaminants. You can either leave some throughout the house (especially in those hard-to-reach locations) or use a fan to equally distribute them throughout the house.
  6. Activated Charcoal: At the moment, the most common air purifier is one that incorporates activated charcoal. This is a really effective option that can be found in local stores or on the internet.
  7. Generators of Negative Ions: Have you ever felt better after spending time in a large open space that was devoid of trees, buildings, or mountains? Negative ions in the air are most likely to blame for your improved mood. These microscopic particles purify the air we breathe and make us feel alert and energized. Indoors, negative ion generators produce the same effect.

When it comes to air cleaning, there are a couple of natural options. These are only a few of them; there are a plethora of more!


The interior environment is two to five times as dirty and poisonous as the outside environment. Our bodies produce stress chemicals, which can make us feel tense and nervous. Opening a few windows may be all that is required to improve the air quality in your home. Where you live has a big impact on the quality of the air you breathe inside your house. If moving isn’t an option due to the fact that it’s too late, consider the following options: Plants, charcoal, and coffee grinds can all aid in the purification of your indoor air.

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